Smart Business & Home Security

A simple Smart Security Solution designed for small to medium sized businesses and the home. provides security that is fast, cost-effective and easy to manage with one simple app.
Business owners and homeowners can enjoy 24/7 control and coverage whenever or wherever they are.

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What is Smart Security?

With Smart Security, you can manage your entire security system with a simple mobile app. gives your customers more control and helps them feel assured that their business or home is safe and protected 24/7.

The benefits of Smart Security lets your customers manage and monitor their business or home on their phone anytime and anywhere. Wherever they are, they can:

  • Arm and disarm alarms from anywhere

  • Monitor and record CCTV in real-time or review recorded footage

  • Business owners can use analysis and reporting to spot trends that will help them manage their business efficiently

  • Control who has access to and at what times


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What is Smart Business Security?

Unlike other traditional systems, provides visibility into a business regardless if the system is armed or not. Thanks to real-time notifications, remote control and auto-arming, users will know what’s happening at the business no matter where they are.

Business Insights

Users can get visibility into a business’ daily operations with Commercial Reports. They can also gain insight on when a business is being opened and closed and when the security system is being armed and disarmed, as well as peak periods of activity and customer traffic – for each location.

Users can spot trends to help manage the business more efficiently.

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We'd be happy to talk through with you and show you how it works...

The mobile will help manage and monitor security systems such as Intruder Alarms, CCTV, Access Control, and even the lights. The app will work with any of the devices we have recommended, but if you’re still not sure about anything, please contact us.